About Grace Lutheran Church

Reverend Judy Tavela, Interim Pastor

Lois Hoot, Organist
Allison Vanderslice, Director – Bell Choir & Voice Choir

A family-sized, family-friendly church that worships God, lifts each other up in word and deed, and reaches out to our community to share Christ’s love.
We are part of the North Carolina Synod, ELCA. You can find out more about these ‘larger expressions of the church’ here:



 Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

WORSHIPS the Triune God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and by God’s grace,

BUILDS disciples of Jesus Christ for service and

SHARES our faith and talents with the world.

OUR   V I S I O N:    

By Grace, through faith, we are God’s children

growing in faith and discipleship

and sharing the Gospel in word & deed.

Advent 4 2014